Calilfornia Medicare Advantage

Part C or as it is usually referred to: the Medicare Advantage program is where private health care companies offer health plans that cover all Medicare part A and B benefits. Most of the plans available are HMO plans; Health Maintenance Organizations. Some also include a drug plan, which can save a beneficiary having to enroll in a standalone part D plan and pay a monthly premium.

HMO plans generally require the members to use a specific network of Doctors and Hospitals, and if a member goes outside the Network, the plan will not pay for the services, unless they went outside the Network due to an emergency situation and felt their life may be in jeopardy.

All MA plans have a maximum out of pocket limit. Most HMO MA/PD plans are an inexpensive way to obtain good health coverage. If your Primary Care Physician is on the network and you are okay with the Hospital then this could be a good cost effective way to cover your health care needs.
Call me and I will go over the MA/PD plans available to you in your region.