California Medicare Supplement

Medigap plans or as they are sometimes called, Medicare Supplement plans work with Original Medicare to cover the 20% cost share in part or in full; that is yours to pay.

Medigap plans only cover procedures that Medicare covers.

Medigap plans are preferred by people who want to choose their own Doctors, and hospitals should they get ill. Turning 65 triggers a 6 month open enrollment period when Medigap plans must be issued, regardless of any pre-existing conditions.

The amount of coverage that you have with a medigap plan depends on which plan you purchase. They are available in standardized benefit plans, and are differentiated by a letter of the alphabet. A through N. The only thing that changes from one carrier to the next is the premium, and the underwriting once the 6 month open enrollment period ends.

People that travel a lot prefer to have Medigap plans.

For help in finding the right Medigap plan or prescription drug plan and finding Medicare providers in your area, give Early and Associates Insurance Services a call at 707-324-9994. I’ll help you understand your options so you can make an informed decision.