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Learn About the Benefits of Affordable Care Act


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACT)

is the federal law passed in 2010 that provides affordable health insurance to more Americans. This historical law will change the way health insurance companies provide coverage, as well as consumers, get coverage.

The Affordable Care Act establishes state marketplaces where individuals and families can shop for health insurance on the internet. The marketplace in California is called Covered CA. And you may go on the site alone or use an agent to assist you in navigating the system. If you use an agent, it will cost you nothing. You will pay the same premium with or without an agent.

The agents with access to Covered CA are all certified by Covered CA, and knowledgeable in the plans, and how to navigate the site.

All Health Insurance Plans

(not counting most plans sold before March 2010) must provide health insurance for individuals and their families even if someone has a health condition such as diabetes or asthma. That health insurance cannot be dropped if someone gets sick. Consumers also cannot be denied a health insurance plan if they make an honest mistake when filling out the application.

The ACA will provide subsidies to individuals and families with an income level that is less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. (FPL)

A single person earning between $28,725.00 and $45,960. A year would qualify for a subsidy. Even if you make more than that, you may buy a plan off of Covered CA. You just won’t get the subsidy. The plans are all designed for Covered CA and include the required benefits as outlined by ACA.


The ACA Strengthens

Medicare, Medi-cal, and other very important programs for millions in addition, those who have not yet turned 26 and whose parents have health insurance can now be included in their parents' health insurance plan.

Starting in January 2014 most adults will be required to have public—such as Medi-Cal or Medicare—or private health insurance or pay a fine. The fine will be 1% of yearly income or $95. per person whichever is greater.

For adults with children, the fine for lack of coverage for the child is $47.50 per child. Each year the fine will become stiffer ending in 2016 with a fine of 2.5% of income or $695. for an individual, or $2085 for a family, whichever is greater.

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